Captains, please make your players aware of the rules and regulations. Ignorance is no defense!

  1. Shin guards are mandatory. (not for beach soccer) Knee braces must be padded with neoprene or some other padding to the satisfaction of our officials, who reserve the right to refuse a player entry to the game if they are not in compliance. Eyeglasses are forbidden also, unless they are soccer-specific safety goggles.
  2. Teams must have the same color shirt with a number on them. 5, 7 and 8-a-side teams are given shirts and should wear them or a complete uniform of their own choosing. The 11-a-side teams must wear complete uniforms. We can get you uniforms if necessary.
  3. Unlimited substitutions on any stoppage– please inform referee before switching.
  4. No offsides in 5-a-side, 7-a-side, 8-a-side or 11-a-side (co-ed only) leagues.
  5. Three points are awarded for a win, one for a tie and none for a loss. Positions are decided by points, goal difference and goals scored, in that order. Depending on the league structure there may be playoffs.
  6. Two yellow cards in the same game – player is ejected for remainder of that game. Anyone who engages in violent conduct will receive a single red card, resulting in immediate ejection and suspension from the following game. A goal-line hand ball, and the like, is a straight red card but no further suspension. The organizers reserve the right to bar players engaging in (our definition of) serious misconduct from all further games in the league. No slide tackles in any leagues including the 6v6 league at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Normal FIFA rules apply in all other cases.
  7. The weather. While we will make every attempt to make up games cancelled due to inclement weather, there is no guarantee that this will happen. Only lightening, flooding unsafe storm activity or heavy snow/ice will cause game cancellations.
  8. First Aid. Sorry, but we do not have access to any first aid devices and ice is not available at the fields where we play. We are not qualified to administer First Aid of any sort. Captains should make sure their team supplies includes cold packs and/or other first aid supplies. If First Aid is required we will call EMS for you. Captains can purchase ice packs here.
  9. Under no circumstances will spectating players from either team enter the field while the game is underway.
  10. All players MUST sign the waiver before they play their first game. No new players are allowed on your waiver/roster after 5 weeks and no new players are allowed in the final 3 weeks of the season whether they are on your roster or not. Players can only play for one team per league. No pickups allowed. Teams will forfeit if it is discovered that an ineligible player played without clearance from the referee and the opposition captain, who must inform the official that it is OK. Metro Soccer does not carry medical insurance. Teams can purchase their own medical insurance here
  11. Captains are responsible for the collection of league dues. If captains fail to collect league dues from your team they are personably responsible for the whole amount as per the agreement you entered into when you registered your team. New teams should pay the balance by week three of the season.
  12. Teams must be dressed and ready to play at their allotted time. If they are not they will forfeit and a score of 0-2 will be recorded against them. There is a max 5 minute grace period. 11-a-side teams need 7 roster players to begin, 8-a-side need 6, 7-a-side need 5 and 5-a-side need 4. There is a mercy rule of 9 goals max per game. Any team who forfeits a game during the season will not be eligible to win the division and may forfeit the right to return the following season together with their league dues. Forfeit games and we have the right not to schedule any more games for you in that season and you may be withdrawn from the league. We do everything we can to make sure forfeits are avoided. However, we are not responsible for them and we do not provide credit for forfeited games. Coed teams need a minimum of three outfield players to be females for the 7, 8 and 11-a-side divisions. The 6-a-side divisions need a minimum of two outfield players to be female. The goalkeeper can be male or female but they do not count towards the outfield player ratios.
  13. Playoffs: All divisions are ten games except where noted otherwise. Our play-offs work this way. 8 team divisions: Teams play each other once (7 games) and then the top four teams play each other again (3 more games) with the points from those 3 games being added to the regular season to determine final standings. Likewise for teams in positions 5 through 8. 10 team divisions: Teams play each other once (9 games) and then team 1 plays team 2 with the points from that game being added to the regular season to determine final standings. Likewise for teams 3&4, 5&6, 7&8, 9&10. 6 team divisions. Teams play each other twice. We have a +9 goal differential mercy rule.
  14. No public urination. Seems strange to have to say this, but any instance of public urination will result in a lifetime ban for the player and the team being ejected for the remainder of the season. There are bathrooms at most facilities.
  15. Payment of league fees are due by the third week of the league. We will be sending invoices to all teams during the first week. Some leeway will be given to those teams who are paying by corporate check. Teams who have not fully paid by the 3rd week, can lose 2 points. Teams who have not paid after that will be ejected from the league. Deposits and league dues are non-refundable so please make sure you fully intend to participate before you sign up! If you forfeit a game you also forfeit all league dues as forfeits ruin the league for everyone!
  16. We may ask to see player I.D.’s during the season. Some explanation is necessary here. We have had problems with teams playing and then reneging on the league dues. Some have then attempted to re-register under another name with same players. By asking to see ID’s we hope to dissuade this behavior and thus not have to eject teams half-way through the season, which benefits no-one. This is also the reason we are insisting on a stricter payment schedule.

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